On the way to Zhangjiajie….

Shanghai Maglev

This maglev train is going to take me to Shanghai-Pudong Airport. The only maglev system in the world in commercial use. Speed=400 km/hr….

Shanghai Airlines 737-800

Boarding Shanghai Airlines flight to Zhangjiajie-Dayong after a delay of 5 hour….

Panorama – The Bund, Shanghai

Panorama - The Bund, Shanghai

Panorama – The Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Click on the picture to view a interactive panorama.

Shanghai July 2014 – The Bund

The Bund, Shanghai

Lujiazui, as seen from the Bund, across the Huangpu River, with the Shanghai Tower and Oriental Pearl Tower.

Glass floor on the observation deck....

The glass floor at the observation deck at Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The floor is 1,5 inch thick on a altitude of 270 metres (880 feet) up… Not for the faint hearted…..

Standing on a glass floor....

Here i am standing on a 1,5″ thick glass floor on a altitude of 270 metres (880feet)…. (huhuhu….. scary!…..) Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai.

Oriental Pearl Tower - view over Shanghai

View over the city, seen from Oriental Pearl Tower.

Shanghai – July 2014

Haining Road, Shanghai

Shanghai streetview…. Hanining Road in Hongkou

Anqing Road, Shanghai

Typical chinese street view…. Anqing Road in Shanghai.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Trolleybus on Nanjing Road, Shanghai. The Bund visible in the background.

General Chen Yi statue

Statue of general Chen Yi, a former mayor of Shanghai/Foreign minister of China. The Bund, Shanghai.

Jiu Jiang Building Management Office

Jiu Jiang Building Management Office, The Bund, Shanghai